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Helen Oxenham

Cast & Crew


Personal Bio

I can’t claim to be a thespian, my only experience prior to joining Hooky Players being as a 13 year old Munchkin in The Wizard of Oz at school and yes, I can still remember my song! Hence I was surprised to be encouraged to join the players by Kevin in January 2023 and since then have made two appearances, firstly as Shelagh Harris in Amdram is Murder, and secondly as Miss Skelton in the Remembrance Day Festival.

I’m not a confident person by any means but have really appreciated the chance to give acting a go and have loved working with the really supportive and professional cast and crew of the Players. I continue to learn a huge amount from their example, the feedback given by our directors and the differing approaches of my fellow cast members and I’m looking forward to trying new roles in the future.


AmDram is Murder! - Shelagh Harris - 2023 October
We Will Remember Them - Ensemble Cast - 2023 November

Contact Details

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