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Jessica Hackland

Cast & Crew


Personal Bio

I've been acting for as long as I can remember. In fact, I was just 12 when I starred in my very first Hooky Players panto. I didn’t think I’d be very good at it at first, since I’m not a very confident person and public speaking has always terrified me, but it turns out being someone else and saying words that aren’t mine is an exception. I got over the stage fright very quickly!

I've worked with a lot of members over the years and it's been incredible seeing the uniqueness each person brings to their role. Personally, I like to try to make each of my roles as fun to act as possible; after all, if you’re having fun acting, the audience will have fun watching! My favourite panto I’ve been in might be Dick Whittington when I played the title role, but in truth, there hasn’t been a single one I haven’t enjoyed, no matter how small the part.

After a few pantos with the Players, I starred in my first play: 'Is There Anybody There?' as the quirky Madam Romanne. I've been in three Hooky Players plays and somehow, I've played a bride in two of them! That’s why I'm so looking forward to doing more productions in the future; expanding my horizons and challenging my acting skills by taking on as many different roles as I can. As long as there’s no more wedding dresses!


Dick Turpin Rides Again - Wee Willie Winkle - 2011 January
Treasure Island Blind - Pew - 2012 January
Snow White - Prince Rupert - 2014 January
Cats Cradle - Sarah Fulton - 2015 June
Cinderella - Dandini - 2015 January
Dick Whittington - Dick Whittington - 2016 January
There Goes The Bride - Judy Westerby - 2023 June
We Will Remember Them - Ensemble Cast - 2023 November
The King Arthur Show - Tortolina - 2024 February
The Happiest Days of Your Life - Mrs Peck - February 2024

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