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Matt Thornton

Cast & Crew


Personal Bio

I moved to the village in September 2021 and found Hooky Players in February 2022 and it's one of the best things I've ever got involved with. As well as treading the boards, I've helped produce 2 of the latest productions and I couldn't be prouder of the work we've achieved as a group since coming back from the Covid years.

I think for me, the highlight of my involvement in Hooky Players, has got to be playing the lead character, Timothy Westerby, in There Goes the Bride. Playing opposite the brilliant Hannah Crawley as Polly Perkins was such fun... And as with any comedy farce, anything that could go wrong - did go wrong - which made for a hilarious closing night as a chair broke, my pants ripped from back to front (Good job I was wearing a tail coat is all I can say!!) and Charles Babcok getting slightly wetter than he should have done - will stick in my mind for years. Although, in saying that, I do feel that my performance in the upcoming King Arthur Show may just knock Timothy off the top spot as Queen Gwinny!! See you at the next show!


AmDram is Murder! - Eyewitnesses 2023 October
AmDram is Murder! - Produced by 2023 October
There Goes The Bride - Timothy Westerby 2023 June
We Will Remember Them - Ensemble Cast 2023 November
We Will Remember Them - Produced by 2023 November
The King Arthur Show - Queen Guinevere (Gwinny) 2024 February

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