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Pam Horne

Cast & Crew


Personal Bio

I caught the drama bug at school, my acting highlight was a role in Tewkesbury’s town pageant played through the streets and in the Abbey. It wasn’t a resounding success though, as instead of ‘breaking a leg’, I actually broke my arm and had to wear a sling! I still remember some of my lines though.

I became a Hooky Player at the very first meeting, I wasn’t brave enough to go for a part in the first play, so I was the prompt. I did tread the boards for the first Panto though and absolutely loved it. In the next few years I played a rat, a werewolf, a femme fatale, a spy, a fairy godmother, Peter Pan and many more!

I was lucky to be invited to take a comedy part in another local Am Dram group, which was great fun. I was then encouraged to do a serious role in a challenging play with the same group. I learnt a lot working with different actors and directors with a different approach in a very different production.

After a break from Hooky Players, I was very happy to return to do Garden Pests ... which is definitely a firm favourite of mine. Now I’m back enjoying plays and Panto once again and am excited to see what comes next!


Murdered to Death - Prompt 2001 June
Find The Lady - Desiree Pratt 2002 June
Blithe Spirit - Elvira 2003 June
Old-Time Music Hall Review - Ensemble Cast 2003 September
The Real Story of Puss in Boots - Martha Winterhedge 2003 January
Secondary Cause of Death Captain - Henrietta Woolmer-Cardington 2004 June
The Pied Piper of Hamelin - Ratafia 2004 January
A Tomb With A View - Monica Tomb 2005 September
Peter Panto - Peter Pan 2005 January
Ali Baba & The Forty Thieves - Jiggeri Pokeri 2007 January
Beauty & The Beast - Lottie 2008 January
Dracula The Panto! - Boris 2009 February
There Goes The Bride - Ursula Westerby 2023 June
The King Arthur Show - Nimue - The Lady of The Lake (Nimsie) - 2024 February

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