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Wendy Gordon

Cast & Crew

Acting/Producing/Directing/Hair & Makeup

Personal Bio

I have been a member of Hooky Players since 2007 and have been in all except 2 productions. I’ve directed one pantomime: Cinderella.

My first role was as Principal Boy in Dick Turpin, when I modelled my appearance on Adam Ant! I’ve also played Evil Queen, Cheese Munching Castaway and even a Cat, to name but a few. I’ve also starred in several Summer Plays, my favourite role being that of Office Vamp.

I’ve also helped with hair and makeup in most productions.


Dracula The Panto! - Richard - 2009 February
It's On, It's Off! - Monica - 2010 June
St George & The Dragon - Will Summers - 2010 February
Dick Turpin Rides Again - Dick Turpin - 2011 January
Stalker Beware - Debbie Hunt - 2011 June
Treasure Island - Ben Gun - 2012 January
Snow White - Queen Eldread, his unpleasant wife - 2014 January
Cats Cradle - Peggy Fletcher - 2015 June
Cinderella - Director and Producer - 2015 January
Dick Whittington - Tommy the Cat - 2016 January
George's Marvellous Medicine - Mum (Mary Kranky) - 2018 January
We Will Remember Them - Ensemble Cast - 2023 November

Contact Details

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