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Author's Endorsement

Kevin Hope

18 Mar 2024

The King Arthur Show's creator writes:

I was sent a recording of the Hooky Players production and I thoroughly enjoyed the show.  I enjoyed the water scene, and I didn't notice any problems with the curtains or lighting.  All the cast were excellent; I don't think there was a single instance of line-fluffing, and I loved Gawain's miming, but the only reason I'm singling him out is that I wrote that part for myself when I wrote the script. 

I thought the lake artwork in the sword in the stone scene was very effective and appropriate to Nimsie's character, and I absolutely loved the phone box.  I never expected Henry to dress up to play the guitar - that was a nice touch.  I also loved the use of 'Unchained Melody' and thought the use of the instrumental 'Close Every Door' was excellent. I can't fault the music choices.  I can't fault any of it.  The costumes and sound effects were spot on too.  It was a fantastic performance by a dedicated team. 

I didn't stop smiling and laughing throughout.  I feel very proud and thanks again for choosing and performing my script. DAVID EDKINS

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