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The Happiest Days of Your Life

Kevin Hope

28 Jun 2024

A farce by John Dighton

A successful casting means that we're all systems go for November performances of The Happiest Days of Your Life by John Dighton. The story is set at the end of WWII and the pupils and teachers of a South Coast girls' school (St Swithin's) are relocated to alternative accommodation as their own school has been a casualty of wartime bombing. Thanks to a bureaucratic mix-up, they wind up sharing the quarters of a boy's school (Hilary Hall) in Hampshire. The harried head teachers, together with the staff of both schools, try to keep visiting parents from discovering the dilemma, with hilarious results. The full cast is:

Dick Tassell Matt Thornton

Rainbow Barry Lennon

Rupert Billings Richard Try

Godfrey Pond Simon Johnson

Miss Evelyn Whitchurch Karen Smith

Miss Gossage Pam Horne

Hopcroft Minor Rupert Coots-Williams

Barbara Cahoun Ava Heath

Joyce Harper Hannah Crawley

Reverend Edward Peck Richard Hart

Mrs Peck Jess Hackland

Edgar Sowter Kevin Hope

Mrs Sowter Bev Gould

We will be performing on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 14th, 15th and 16th November and tickets will be on sale from early October.

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