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Production Name

Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves

Production Genre

Production Date


2007 January

Ali Baba, a good but poor man, combats the evil Al Raschid and his forty thieves. He is helped by his lovelorn housekeeper Cascara, Tinbad the tailor and the beautiful slave girl Marsaina. Will they succeed? Watch - Enjoy - and Find Out!


Cast & Crew

Cast in order of appearance:

Tinbad - Fiske Warren
Cascara - Jonathan Rowe
Ali Baba - Chris Cooke
Haroun - Sam Moulder
Marsaina - Amy Barnett-Hunt
Kassim Baba - Nigel Whitehead
Rhum Baba - Cate Whitehead
Hanki Panki - Keith Disney
Jiggeri Pokeri - Pam Horne
Al Raschid - Morgan Barnett-Hunt
Achmed the 'Orrible - Robert Gore

Ensemble Cast - Betty Cowen, Katie Rowe, Nicole Howlett, Olivia Facey, Alice Riley, Abby Sammons, Lucy Begnor, Chloe Wilkes, Jessica Hughes, Ella Warhurst, Lewis Dorman, Amy Hambidge, Alix Rodwell, Eleanor Wheelton

Musicians - Roger Gooding, Emma Callery, Sean Callery, Miranda Ricardo

Production Team:

Producer and Director - Brian Rider
Assistant Director - Anna Bradshaw
Misical Director - Wendy Green
Stage Manager - Nigel Whitehead
Assistant Stage Manager - Nick Whitehead
Choreographer - Camilla Whitehead
Make-up - Lyn Thompson and Adrianne Barnett-Hunt
Lighting and Sound - Paul Warwick and Derek Brotherston
Set Artwork - Kate Underwood
Prompts - Margot Clark and Gill Begnor
PA to Director - Adrianne Barnett-Hunt
Tickets and Refreshments - Sheila Rider
Front of House - John Wheatley
Publicity - Brian and Sheila Rider

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