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Production Date


2015 January

Young Cinderella is badly put upon in the home of Evillia Belching-Forthe, her stepmother, and her two step-sisters, Plain and Purl. But when Cinderella's invitation to the Palace Ball is torn up, an angry Fairy Godmother decides that enough is enough. Helped by Norris the Gnome and Wizard Wombat she steers the story towards a happy ending.


Cast & Crew


Cinderella - Kirstie Fensom
Buttons - Jodie Hackland
Evillia Belching-Forthe - Karen Smith
Plain Belching-Forthe - Alasdair Brown
Purl Belching-Forthe - Barry Lennon
Prince Charming - John Thompson
Dandini - Jess Hackland
Norris Gnome - Jonathan Rowe
Pick - Felicity Rooney
Mix - Lee Workman
Fairy Godmother - Katie Rowe
Wizard Wombat and Major Domo - Keith Disney
Cinderella's Double - Niamh Smith
Dancers/Mice - Shannon Smith, Niamh Smith and Georgia Rooney

Musicians - Sara Pratley, John Taylor, Thorne Pratley and Jonathan Rowe

Production Team:

Director and Producer - Wendy Gordon
Assistant Director - Tim Manning; support from Richard Wheelton
Co-producers - Brian Rider and Katie Rowe
Stage and Set - Nigel Whitehead
Artwork - Kate Underwood
Sound and Lighting - Derek Brotherston and Paul Warwick
Stage Management - Nigel Whitehead, Dave Smith and Ian Reid
Prompts - Hilary Wiseman and Teresa Hughes
Props - Katie Rowe
Programme and Publicity - Jonathan Rowe and Brian Rider
Make-up - Leah Burgess and Amanda Burgess
Front of House Coordinator - Sheila Rider
Children's Chaperones - Kirsty Plumb and Melanie Rooney

Costumes from Wacky Wardrobe

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