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Production Name

Dracula The Panto!

Production Genre

Production Date


2009 February

This production has all the classical elements of a traditional family pantomime. No, really!
Dracula needs a new bride as his existing brides are all "dried up". He enlists the help of Steak and Kidney. Will he succeed in his mission to entice the beautiful Sonia or will he end up with the Dame, Rosie Glow?


Cast & Crew

Cast of Characters:

Fairy Garlic - Victoria Childs-Carlyle
Count Dracul - James Rooney
Rosie Glow - Jonathan Rowe
Jack - Alice Foster (Evenings) and Alice Rile (Matinee)
Sonia - Rebecca Watkins
Richard - Wendy Gordon
Steak -
Kidney - Nicole Howlett
Boris - Pam Horne
Brides of Dracula - Ellie Wheelton, Libby John and Eloise Smith

Chorus and Dancers - Sophie Martin, Molly Shepherd, Alice Riley, Jacob Turner (also Mini Dracula), Grace Pashley, Leah Dorman, Idia John, Kitty Wright, Francesca Mair, Esme Norman, Olivia Fazey, Lucy Begnor, Jessica Hughes, Amy Wilkowski

Musicians - Cate Whitehead, Roger Gooding, Emma Callery, Sean Callery, Miranda Ricardo

Production Team:

Producer - Brian Rider
Co-Directors - Brian Rider and Richard Wheelton
Music Director and Choreographer - Cate Whitehead
Stage Manager - Nigel Whitehead
Assistant Stage Manager - Nick Whitehead
Artwork - Kate Underwood
Make-up - Brian Rider, Wendy Gordon, Lisa Fazey
Prompt - Hilay Wheelton
Lighting and Sound - Paul Warwick, Derek Brotherston and Andy Horne
Front of House - John Wheatley
Box Office and Refreshments - Sheila Rider
Publicity - Sheila and Brian Rider

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