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Production Name

George's Marvellous Medicine

Production Genre

Production Date


2018 January

It's the half-term holiday and George Kranky is looking forward to a break from school when a letter from Grandma arrives announcing that she is coming to stay – that very day! Soon she is making George's life miserable with spiteful comments and demands for doses of medicine, so George decides to mix a new type of medicine for her. Shaving foam, shampoo, lipstick and chilli powder all go into the mixture, which makes Grandma grow and grow into a giant until she crashes through the farmhouse roof. Soon Dad comes up with a plan to use the medicine to make giant farm animals – and a fortune for the Kranky family. First George needs to remember the ingredients for his marvellous medicine, with a little help from the audience.


Cast & Crew

The cast in order of appearance:

George Kranky - Alicia Roma Babbini-Baker
Mum (Mary Kranky) - Wendy Gordon
Dad (Killy Kranky) - Barry Lennon
Grandma - Karen Smith
Giant Chicken - David Smith
Cow - Ursula Madel
Bull - Nigel Whitehead

Production Team:

Director - Alasdair Brown
Set Design, Construction and Stage Management - Nigel Whitehead
Set Construction - David Smith
Lighting - Derek Brotherston and Paul Warwick
Sound - Nigel Lord
Props - Kimberley Safford, Orla Truelove and Karen Smith
Stage Artwork - Kate Underwood
Poster Design - Paola Babbini Travis
Programme Design - Jonathan Rowe
Ticket Sales and Publicity - Sheila Rider, Wendy Gordon, Ursula Madel, Jonathan Rowe and Karen Smith
Prompt = Anne Chalmers
Front of House - John Wheatley

With thanks to Graeme Travis, Lee Bradfield, Harry Smith, Sophia Ktori and Wacky Wardrobe

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