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Production Name

It's On, It's Off

Production Genre

Production Date


2010 June

It's two days before Tina Humphrey's wedding and her parents, Gerald and Daphne, are expecting their daughter's future mother-in-law for dinner. However, with infidelity, illegitimate children and a case of mistaken identity, all Daphne really wants to know is whether it's on or it's off!


Cast & Crew

Cast in order of appearance:

Gerald - Neil Smith
Daphne - Carrie Smith
Tina - Claire Wilkowski
Robert - Tim Boyes-Watson
Monica - Wendy Gordon
Angela - Kerrie McCormick

Production Team:

Director - John McCormick
Set Design and Stage Manager - Nigel Whitehead
Assistant Stage Manager - Nick Whitehead
Prompts - Hilary and Richard Wheelton
Lighting - Paul Warwick
Box Office - Sheila Rider
Front of House - Richard Wheelton
Publicity - John McCormick
Refreshments - Sheila Rider and Team

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