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Production Name

Passion, Poison & Petrification/Garden Pests

Production Genre

Production Date

Comedy - 2 1-act plays

2018 November

Passion, Poison, and Petrifaction is a short play by Bernard Shaw, subtitled The Fatal Gazogene: a Brief Tragedy for Barns and Booths. It is a comic mock-melodrama, written to raise funds for charity. It has been revived occasionally, in tandem with other short works by Shaw or by other playwrights. On this occasion, it was performed along with 'Garden Pests'. This short one act comedy, is about two keen gardeners, from different social backgrounds, who meet in a magnificent garden from which neither intends to go home empty handed.


Cast & Crew

For Passion, Poison and Petrifaction:
Cast included Pat Groome, Amelia Lennon, Barry Lennon, and Jack O'Sullivan.
Directed by Alasdair Ferguson.
For Garden Pests:
Cast was Karen Smith and Pam Horne.
Director/Producer - Karen Smith.
Stage Manager and Prompt - Dave Smith.
Sound - Andy Horne.
Lighting - Derek Brotherston.

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