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Production Name

Peter Panto

Production Genre

Production Date


2005 January

The timeless adventures of Peter, Wendy, Captain Hook and the rest have been given a new turn with the addition of songs, spectacle and lots of audience participation! The journey through Never Land to the Lost Boy’s island and the Mermaid Lagoon will continue to fascinate children of all ages as Peter, Tinkerbell and the Darling children battle wits with the evil Hook and his henchman Smee, all the while avoiding the terrible fate of the crocodile who lies in wait!


Cast & Crew

Cast in order of appearance:

Peter Pan - Pam Horne
Mrs Darling - Sheila Rider
Michael Darling - Ryan Souch
John Darling - Lucy Curtis
Wendy Darling - Anna Bradshaw
Nana the Dog - Amy Barnett-Hunt
Mr Darling - Brian Rider
Tinkerbell - Jonathan Rowe
Captain Hook - Neil Smith
Smee - Chloe Browne
The Pirates - Brian Rider, Camilla Whitehead, Nigel Whitehead, Fiske Warren, Morgan Barnett-Hunt
The Lost Boys - Alice Rose, Jenny Thompson, Sam Moulder, Sarah James, Rory Broadhurst
Crocodile - Sheila Rider

Musicians - Emma Callery, Cate Whitehead, Miranda Ricardo, Roger Gooding

Production Team:

Director - Julie Thomlinson
Producer - Brian Rider
Musical Director - Emma Callery
Stage Manager - Nigel Whitehead
Props - Maxine Shepherd
Set Artwork - Kate Underwood
Sound - Andy Horne
Lighting - Derek Brotherston and Paul Warwick
Make-up - Lyn Thompspn and Brian Rider
Prompts - Margo Clark and Jeanie Browne
Front of House - John Wheatley
Box Office and Refreshments - Sheila Rider
Programme and Publicity - David McGill

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