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Production Name

Robin Hood & The Babes in The Wood

Production Genre

Production Date


2002 January

With their usual class and style, Colin Wakefield and Kate Edgar have beautifully entwined two great stories to create one fantastic pantomime! Robin’s in a sunny glade with his merry men, the babes are lost in the forest with the woodland creatures and the wicked Sheriff is in his castle plotting power-hungry plans to try and capture them all. Will the Sheriff have his evil way? Or will Robin and his men find the Babes, rescue Maid Marian and be back in time for the finale? This fantastical story of adventure is suitable for outlaws of all ages, with original songs and always plenty of traditional family fun.


Cast & Crew

Cast in order of appearance:

The Sheriff of Nottingham - Nigel Whitehead
Robbit and Coppit - Keith Disney and Pam Horne
Maid Marion - Kelly Moulder
Nanny Nellie Nora - Jonathan Rowe
Robin Hood - Clare Curtis
Friar Tuck - Dave Goodwin
Little John - Hilary Wiseman
Will Scarlet - Polly Rose
Fairy of the Forest - Mary Barnes
King Richard the Lionheart - John Pickering
The Babes, Rosie and Tom - Lucy Curtis and Charles Rose

Ensemble cast - Briony Blackwell, Anna Bradshaw, Rachael Hope, Sam Moulder, Alice Rose, Betty Cowen, Julie Warren, Jane Taylor, Kate Underwood, Suzanne Rowe, Helen Worrell, May Worrell

Musicians - Wendy Green, Emma Callery, Cate Whitehead

Director - Brian Rider
Stage Manager & Assistant Director - Helen Worrell
Musical Director - Roger Gooding
Lighting - Paul Warwick
Props and Sound - Maxine Shepherd
Make-up - Diane Disney
Wardrobe - Betty Cowen
Set - John Morris, Brian Rider, Rob Lambert, Kate Underwood, Juliet McGill
Box Office - Sheila Rider
Programme - David McGill
Publicity - Rachel Parton
Front of House - John Wheatley
Prompts - Margo Clark and Sheila Terry

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