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Production Name

The King Arthur Show

Production Genre

Production Date


2024 February

All is peaceful in the Kingdom of Camelot. No naughty Knights have tried to take over for ages and King Arthur is enjoying the quiet life. But the evil Morgana plays a nasty trick on the wise and wonderful Lady of the Lake and tries once again to take Arthur's throne away from him. Do our heroes stand a chance against the forces of evil? Well, with the help of a man whose name is definitely not Wayne and an akkergic reaction to horses, or heroes intend to do their best to restore normality to the Kingdom. So, settle in for a large dose of traditional British pantomime fun and frolics - but beware of The Questing Beast - The Terrible Monster, with a Head of a Snake and the Body of a Leopard!!!


Cast & Crew

In order of appearance:

King Arthur - Kevin Hope
Lady of the Lake (Nimsie) - Pam Horne
Morgana Le Fey - Karen Smith
Tortolina - Jess Hackland
Gawain - Richard Hart
Queen Guinevere (Gwinny) - Matt Thornton
Henry - Hannah Crawley
The Questing Beast - Bev Gould

Director - Richard Try
Producer - Kevin Hope

Production Team:

Stage Managers - Simon Johnson and Nigel Whitehead
Set Construction - As above plus Dave Smith and Keith Bristow
Set Artwork - Kate Underwood
Lighting and Sound - Derek Brotherston (and Andy Horne)
Prompt - Sally Stretton
Backstage Team - Corinne Try and Clare Curtis
Front of House - Mandy Bristow, Elaine Hart, Barry Lennon, Corinne Try, Helen & Peter Oxenham, Hazel Hope and Mr John Wheatley

Costumes by Wacky Wardrobe, Banbury

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