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Production Name

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Production Genre

Production Date

Traditional Story

2004 January

The citizens are up in arms and the rats have taken over the town! The local rat catchers are proving useless so Mayor Kettle offers the hand of his daughter Lydia to the champion who can rid them of the rats. Roland Butter and his cat Bruiser head off to do battle but will he be more of a match for the evil Ratsbane and his gang of wily rodents than the others? It looks like the townsfolk will have to rely on the mysterious Pied Piper, whose piping sounds can put the rats into a trance. But is he using his power for good or evil? With plenty of baddies for our hero to do battle with, The Pied Piper makes an ideal treat for the Christmas season.


Cast & Crew

Cast in order of appearance:

Pied Piper - Polly Rose
Ratsbane - Keith Disney
Ratafia - Pam Horne
Ratatouille - Emily Turner
Ratatat - Lucy Curtis
Mayor Kettle - Nigel Whitehead
Lydia Kettle - Julie Evans
Betty Butter - Jonathan Rowe
Roland Butter - Clare Curtis
Bruiser the Cat - Anna Bradshaw
Mr Talk - Neil Smith
Miss Mutter - Alice Rose
Herald - Emma Whitehead
Sir Arthur Mow - John Pickering
Nick Oursteeds - Dave Goodwin
Mystic Maggie - Hilary Wiseman

Ensemble cast - Rosie Callery, Same Moulder, Alix Rodwell, Ryan Souch, Jenny Thompson, Charlotte Turner, Camilla Whitehead, Morwena Williams

Musicians - Emma Callery, Roger Gooding, Wendy Green, Miranda Ricardo, Cate Whitehead

Backstage crew

Producer and Director - Brian Rider
Stage Manager - Kevin Hope
Choreography - Polly Rose
Props - Maxine Shepherd
Sound - Andy Horne
Lighting - Derek Brotherston and Paul Warwick
Wardrobe - Betty Cowen
Set Construction - John Morris
Artwork - Kate Underwood
Box Office and Refreshments - Sheila Rider
Front of House - John Wheatley
Programme - David McGill

Costumes from Wacky Wardrobe

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