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Production Name

The Sleeping Beauty

Production Genre

Production Date


2006 February

A version of the time-honoured fairytale of the beautiful young princess who, cursed by the wicked fairy Carabosse, sleeps for a hundred years until awoken with a kiss by a handsome young prince. In most versions of The Sleeping Beauty the prince doesn't appear until halfway through Act ll but by means of a subtle dream sequence and Tickles', the court jester's time machine, the prince is introduced much earlier giving a better balance to casting and action.


Cast & Crew

Cast in order of appearance:

Azuriel - Sarah James
Fusspot - Morgan Barnett-Hunt
Tickles - Fiske Warren
King Cedric VII of Entertania - Nigel Whitehead
Queen Semolina - Cate Whitehead
Dame Ammonia Goodbody - Jonathan Rowe
Carabosse - Hilary Wiseman
Shout and Bawl - Sam Moulder and Amy Barnett-Hunt
Princess Aurora - Jennie Thompson
Prince Valiant of Euphoria - Jack Pearson
First Boy - Robert Gove
Second Boy - Ryan Souch
Dragon - Rory Broadhurst

Ensemble Cast - Hannah Belcher, Victoria Childs-Carlile, Betty Cowen, Nicole Howlett, Istarin McVicar, Abby Sammons, Kate Underwood, Kitty Wright

Musicians - Emma Callery, Rosi Callery, Sean Callery, Roger Gooding, Emma Whitehead

Production Team:

Producer and Director - Brian Rider
Musical Director - Wendy Green
Stage Manager - Nigel Whitehead
Choreographer - Camilla Whitehead
Sound - Andy Horne
Lighting - Derek Brotherston and Paul Warwick
Make-up - Lyn Thompson
Artwork - Kate Underwood
Prompts - Margot Clark and Steve Huggett
PA to Director - Adrianne Barnett-Hunt
Box Office and Refreshments - Sheila Rider
Front of House - John Wheatley
Programme - David McGill

Costumes from Wacky Wardrobe

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