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Production Name

There Goes The Bride

Production Genre

Production Date


2023 June

When harassed advertising executive Timothy Westerby bangs his head on the morning of his daughter’s wedding, he comes round to find himself in the company of Polly Perkins, a 1920’s Flapper Girl, straight out of his latest advertising campaign. It soon becomes all too clear that no-one else can see or hear her, and when another bump on the head transports Timothy back to 1926 and the Savoy Hotel, the wedding preparations disintegrate into chaos and friends and family attempt to lead him back to reality and his daughter down the aisle before the newly arrived in-laws abandon the wedding.
Reviews of the original production described “A fiendishly clever farce that gets madder and funnier as it goes along” and “The true spirit of farce takes over”.


Cast & Crew

The cast in order for appearance:

Ursula Westerby – Pam Horne
Judy Westerby – Jess Hackland
Dr Gerald Drimmond – Barry Lennon
Daphne Drimmond – Sally Stretton
Timothy Westerby – Matt Thornton
Bill Shorter – Richard Try
Polly Perkins – Hannah Crawley
Charles Babcock – Kevin Hope

Directed by - Kevin Hope

Production Team:

Stage Managers - Nigel Whitehead and Simon Johnson
Set Construction - (as above plus) Dave Smith, Richard Hart and Keith Bristow
Set Artwork - Kate Underwood
Lighting and Sound - Derek Brotherston
Props and Wardrobe - Karen Smith and Cassie Ross
Hair and Make-up - Wendy Gordon
Choreography - Penny George
Prompt - Bev Gould
Front of House - Mandy Bristow, Elaine & Richard Hart, Corinne Try and Mr John Wheatley
Producer - Kevin Hope

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